Clouds In The Head

About the cloudy author

He writes, he smiles, he makes love to beautiful women, he can’t tell his cap from his nap and he suggests that you address him as “Mr John”, but he knows you never will.

 Meanwhile he lives in the bush with Katya, GOBC and Z, and spends his days writing and managing the world.


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Hi John,
Unless you have had a haircut, your foto is out of date, but the profile (of your face) suits you.
We say flattery (lisonja)will get me nowhere, but do I want to go anywhere? Yes, the hill of clouds in lantana land and Costa Rica where mi amiga Sandy lives. Graeme

Comment by graeme

Hey John,
Are you going to provide any political commentary in your blog? C’mon, surely Ms Palin has prompted you to want to write something!
From London

Comment by Pam Thorne

“lisonja” sounds like a most sinuous word! If only Sandy had a paddock full of lantana …

Pam, I don’t know whether to get into politics. I’ve got an entire category already ready for it, already, but I’m praying Ms Palin remains a pop cultural phenomenon rather than a global political reality!


Comment by John O'Brien

Interesting site. I really enjoyed Map of the Human Heart.

Comment by olympic london

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