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Chickens laughter
27 March, 2014, 2:58 pm
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We can’t go away and leave 3 teenage roosters to create havoc in our normally cheerful chook yard. (The pleasant sound of chickens’ laughter echoing round the valley in the last couple of weeks has become more cackling and squawky, since the wee man-hens hit puberty.) So we decided to dispatch them this morning. It’s been about three years since we’ve killed a chook. We never “enjoy” it, and even repeating the mantra “coq au vin, coq au vin, coq au vin” lost its flavour after a bit.

But we did it, me on the actual slaughter, sharing the plucking, Donna solo on evisceration, and both of us feeling:

a)    a little ill and possibly not predisposed to intercourse for 24 hours

b)   intrigued that we should be doing it just before we head to Hanoi and presumably see a bit more of this kind of thing on our trip (might get some tips)

c)    apologetic, sad and grateful to the little roosters

d)   conscious that everyone who eats chicken, beef, lamb, fish, anything non vegetal is also an agent in the slaughter of an animal

e)    and frankly a little disappointed by the weight of the birds.

We try to make the act as humane as possible. They don’t see each other go, we cover their eyes (very calming for chickens), and we don’t do it in front of the lads, though I’m sure they could handle it. Or am I?

Photo on 27-03-14 at 3.52 PM

The packed peri-departure program continues. I’ve applied for a job, sent a cover sheet for a script, written some internet blurb, approached an auctioneer, commented on a design, copied contacts to my phone, put Quikflix on hold. Two videos to finish watching tonight, Jack Goes Boating and Elena. Not particularly mood-enhancing but that’s what we’ve got.

Do we carry our passports everywhere with us?

Or do we leave them at the hotel? Do we each need a daypack, or will one do us? Should I run up and down the hill in a last-minute attempt to earn some aerobic fitness? Ay me.


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