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Project 3 making movies
8 February, 2013, 3:25 pm
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So with the career careering god knows where, it’s time to return to basics and to my passion.

I want to make films when I grow up. Again. Which means writing scripts (daily), helping others (part of how one learns, dude), making shorts (again), calling on friends, and getting a move on with the things that are some way down the path.

Lovelily enough, I had a keen idea for a short last week, wrote it this week. Already have a schedule – shooting in April I believe – and have posted the script to friend Michael, writer producer of the feature Bathing Franky.

Why is this interesting? Because when you are re-making yourself, you have to come from action not just thought. This is action. This is a forward step. It has to fit in with the rest of my life, and it has to be inspired, and taken at the flood.

Why blog this?

Well, it wouldn’t fit in a tweet. (or would it? Hmm. I’ll try the tweet as well. See who salutes what.)

Anyhow, starting mid April, or thereabouts, I hope to be casting 9 “larger-than-life” non-speaking comic roles for a short film called “Ovation”. Crew and location will be required. Though if I’m not directing, I’ll probably be First AD as well as producer.

I wonder if I should go onto Pozibles and try to raise some dosh for it? Hmmmmmm. Pozibly.

Update on projects 1 & 2. The injured wrist is inhibiting my yoga. Getting caught up in intense writing makes me forget my posture. But the solipsism is proving successful for my blogging career. 

The key to the posture seems to be to continually tweak and explore. I’ve started “opening the eyes of my chest” and “adjusting my inner groins”, and both seem to help. Having the attention span of a mite, I need the constant influx of fresh detail to my postural adjustment to keep me engrossed in it. Oh, and I ask My Love for help from time to time too.  She’s a love.