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Yoga or …
31 January, 2013, 9:45 pm
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This quote at the conclusion for Donna Farhi’s book, Bringing Yoga To Life. “Does Yoga practice change who we are? … We feel, taste, and touch the same things but through an intensified register.”

Isn’t this aka Poetics?

Surely Poetics is exactly what it is.

Isn’t this the vocab and life experience that gives us an image repertoire for understanding our living more intensely? Better, “intently” because it’s about paying attention, removing ourselves, instead asserting our capacity as poet, possibly of the Brechtian kind, and applying it to how we live, move, communicate, interrelate, wish, react.

What I love about Yoga (capital is Farhi’s usage) is that it includes within its Poetics a physicality of body knowledge.

And it has about it the idea of “Becoming Clear”, which is also the attitude of the reformed junkie, of the politician at epiphany with less than one term to go, of the woman leaving an abusive relationship. To remove ourselves from what is abusive is a game of ego in a line of flight that goes up but does not know where the parabola ends.

Which is Yoga and Poetics, inter-evolved.

It’s all ballistic in the end, nest-ce pas?


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