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Blood-soaked office satire to be forensically examined at Dungog Film Festival
25 June, 2012, 8:24 pm
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This year’s Dungog Film Festival has an outside-the-box sidebar (Out Of The Shed) programmed by locals.

And they’ve just scored a coup with an intensive session called:

Another Bloody Day At The Office: The Making of Redd Inc.

(Sunday 1 July at 2pm at the Cockatoo Theatre, off Dowling St, Dungog).

Redd Inc, directed by Dan Krige and starring Nicholas Hope is showing at the festival as part of a late night double. Next day, the bleary-eyed team will take a scalpel to the process of putting the film together.

This is a film that is the first drama feature in the world to include outsourced material (via their famous Redd Inc website). Auditions, sumbissions, elections and depositions poured into the film and became part of its very texture. It also drew the attentions of world-renowned special FX expert Tom Savini (Dawn Of The Dead, Friday The Thirteenth, Dusk To Dawn).

The tale of six workers chained to their desks by their sadistic boss, Redd Inc will be released in Japan in November and will get an “other media” release in Australia and New Zealand in October.

On mike will be producer/writer Jonathan Green, producer Sandy Stevens, writer Anthony O’Connor, director Dan Krige (West) and DOP Richard Bradshaw. From the interweb-driven pre-production process (“how important is it to be an early adopter in the digital age?”) to the crimson-laden shoot (“what’s the best filter for blood?” “what did Mr Savini bring to the show?”), to distribution (“why don’t Aussies want to see horror in cinemas while the Japanese do?”) and back again (“how did you get Nicholas Hope?”) – right down to some core questions (“Why violence? Why genre? Is it purer or more prurient?”). Stories, issues, lessons for novices, in a session run by cinema buff and scriptwriter John O’Brien.

This session is part of the Out Of The Shed sidebar program to the Dungog Film Festival. Out Of The Shed is “films, sounds, talks, dreams dragged out into the light from rusty hidden corners and forgotten corrugations.” Programmed by locals John O’Brien (Fireflies) and Ivan Skaines. Experience a fresh local edge to the Dungog Film Festival.

Enquiries to John O’Brien on 0427 290 209 or


Out Of The Shed – program out
21 June, 2012, 8:41 pm
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Out Of The Shed poster/program Here’s the official Out Of The Shed program (actually this is the poster for local community noticeboards that Donna’s designed but it’s the best we’ve got so far). Stick it on your fridge. Put it on your noticeboard. Pass it on to journalists.