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Art o’ Gelato film plot just in!
27 April, 2012, 5:42 pm
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Just led a workshop in how to write scripts at Newcastle’s Real Film Festival, and from this starter – “two mates discover that the old person on the hill has stashed a treasure” – we came up with:

Auntie Ann the arsonist runs an ice-cream van and burns down competitors’ premises. Her assistant in the van is her nephew Peter, age 17, the hero of our story, who recently lost both parents. Ann is divorced from and would like vengeance on her ex husband Frank, Danny De Vito, who lives in the big house, hoards everything, has chihuahuas and has set traps. He lost his legs in a fire Ann started (Toni Collette for Ann?). Broke and failing, Ann and Peter decide to try to steal the formula for the greatest ice-cream ever, which Frank has. Our fourth main character is Frank’s gorgeous 19-year-old nurse, Billie, a clear love interest for Peter.

After many setbacks including remorse, trying to emulate the ice-cream themselves, and having to deal with Frank realising what they’re after (the film’s mid-point) and plotting in reverse, we come to the climax. Peter and Ann are in the house, Ann accidentally sets fire to the place. Peter has to decide between his Aunt (who in reality he is responsible for keeping safe, since she is crazy) and Nurse Billie. Ann has to decide between the recipe and Frank.

Denouement: Ann and Frank in adjacent prisons but attending the same psychiatric hospital, so a love of sorts. And the emulative ice-cream turns out to be a source of renewable energy, making Peter and Billie very rich.

Not too bad for two hours including loads of tips and tricks from me and the gurus of scriptwriting. No wonder I’m tired.


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