Clouds In The Head

My First Crossword
21 March, 2011, 4:35 pm
Filed under: Nobody Loves A Thinker




Top heavy artists urged initially to groove back into bewitching that’s miraculous. (14)

10 Back back-answer’s golden rice dish. (5)

11 Youth, before making bets out west, hit the ball north. (9)

12 Give too many weapons to Trevor Chappell delivery, not. (7)

13 Diminish the French follower of religious academic holding first place. (7)

14 Jungle pig makes pirate lose direction. (5)

16 For cruelly punishing law of negligence ancient city beheads cleverness. (9)

19 Unordained one to drop egg on each boy child. (9)

20 Distillation loses carat more. (5)

22 Spirit within shifting death, without each rural journal. (3, 4)

25 Runner to make Tolkien’s tree go on and on and on. (7)

27 It spoils a lie (sic) to choose emphatic type. (9)

28 No nephew ever heard such spice. (5)

29 Falsely painted seers mend tripe confusion. (14)


2 Pessimistic outlook makes buzzing fly hate MP. (4, 5)

3 Alcohol, a burning light, a sharp turn, now back up: it’s dangling in the gorge. (5)

4 To spouses, gold does mechanise. (9)

5 Flip talk you wait for. (5)

6 Kids can watch a bosom in naughty thankfulness. (9)

7 Tribespeople fail religion. (5)

8 Reduces the noise of studies. (7)

9 Shoot bookie then decimate. (6)

15 Take another look. As to the former, I’m interrogatively born male. (2-7)

17 Plasterers’ transcendental number in thick mix with three R’s. (9)

18 To exclude bone is within relic. (9)

19 Hesitation after high sounds high after helium. (7)

21 Blow rental horn. (6)

23 Welsh family mineral water drops one point.  (5)

24 Rider addled but not so wet. (5)

26 Model downpour for coach. (5)


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