Clouds In The Head

roughly movie making
3 April, 2009, 9:51 am
Filed under: beauty & inspirationalitism

The urge to make movies won’t leave me. Scripts get rejected, producers are unavailable, the clock ticks as if icicles are weighing its hands down.

So I’m starting to make my own shorts again, but instead of working with a team I’m going from go to whoa with all the cocky assurance of a – well a cockerel or a spatchcock, though we do know why they’re called spatchcocks so maybe not that.

It is so nice to actually make something. This is just a rough little thing, a study if you like, to test my new editing software. Of course learning new software is going to be one of the 21st century’s great clichés. Everything goes wrong, nothing is quite as you expect, it doesn’t do what you want, and it does do something you wouldn’t want, and then they get you to upgrade (which is usually downgrading by other means).

But if this works a bit, and the next one works better and then things keep rising – I’ve got a couple of feature ideas that I could shoot in my spare time. I’d like to remake Chris Marker’s Sunless, of course, who wouldn’t? But instead … let’s just see if the sands of time work in my favour, as distinct from the ticking icicle clock above – er um. Will those sands form a hill I can climb before I take that leap to paradise? Or will I drown in them? And what’s the air like in hourglasses anyway? And why would the top be paradise? If it’s full it’s sinking, if it’s empty you’re sliding down and there’s no grip.


It’s called On Reflection. It’s a rough. Trivia note: if you look closely at the bum sketch you can see my reflected face.


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