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17 October, 2008, 7:58 pm
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Wo. Just typing the names to announce my blog cheered me up. God, what a drab dullard I’ve bin. Nah, look at all the folks I’ve now got to impress across the nameless endless aethernet with my witticisms and catechisms, wordplays and wordworks, stunning puns and splorts of ejaculated wisdoms. Also news, weather, photo album, career, lifestyle. It don’t stop! It daunts, and as Andrew Kelly’s pal David B would say, “It hurts”.

We’ve been mowing a lot. Red bellied black snakes, and browns as well, mean we have to. Only now the kids can mow (in exchange for moolah, bless their little capitalist hearts) which means that we can be doing some other job in the garden and only have to rush over every two seconds to make sure they haven’t lost any fingers. That’s for the first ten minutes. After that it’s about trying to separate them while they scream at each other over who’s getting the larger share of mowing. The argument “the area you’ve been mowing decreases each time you remove a circumference from the circle” (think it through …) holds little water.

News? The Create Carnival in Gresford is stealing my soul. My new ideas for TV shows are stealing my youth. And all’s right with the world. Weather. Nice today, hotter tomorrow, those snakes will be on the move! Photo album well Robyn Werkhoven’s gorgeous painting of me didn’t get into the Portia Geach award but maybe it was the trainers.

Career … I’m doing NEIS at Hunter BEC studying marketing and self-resuscitation. Lifestyle? Niiice. But busy, fragmented, focus-struggling.

Finally, politics. Rudd versus Turnbull. Obama versus McCain. No, that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is:

NSW state politics. OK, if power tends to corrupt, and everyone knows that, where are the recent analyses of corruption that have gone beyond the local? Where is the analysis within the ALP itself of the need to continuously de-corruptify itself? Who will do it? How would it work? Corruption is a natural element in the human condition. So is sainthood. Why do the two join together so easily in politics?

Far out, John, that’s deep. Oh, no, wait a sec, no. It’s not deep at all. It devolves into this question: what happened to political analysis? What happened to deeper meaning? Since the Fall Of The Wall, is all debate about the Tweaking Of Capitalism?

It sure feels like it.


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world events would suggest the metanarratives of complacency are bound to change … debate, struggle and all those washed out isms might bear fruit yet.

Comment by linda adair

love the painting.

Comment by barbara

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