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On Announcing One’s Blog
19 September, 2008, 10:52 am
Filed under: Nobody Loves A Thinker

It’s like a new job or the honeymoon night, in the old days. It’s like telling someone they have to see a great movie even though you know that by telling them it’s great (you have to, otherwise they won’t go) you’re almost certainly setting them up for a disappointment. It’s like having a dinner party and cooking an entire menu you’ve never made before using cooking utensils and appliances you’re not quite sure how to work: couscoussier, ramekin, blow torch, new oven with “intuitive” controls, cheese whistle. And your boss is coming. Your new boss. And that old friend you haven’t spoken to for eight years because they got counted as one of your ex’s friends and not yours. And your mother. You’re not sure any of them is going to turn up. If they do, you’re not sure whether they’re going to like what they’ll see.

And half a dozen people you’ve never met before are coming too. Critics. Judges. Professional couscoussier users. Expert blowtorch blowers. Margaret Fulton. Nigella Lawson. Your evil twin.

It’s like having a charity fundraiser and it’s on the same night as the next village’s annual rodeo and half the town’s away that weekend anyway and you’ve already booked the band. It’s like having a wedding and realising once you’ve sent the invitations out that you may have sent out the ones that were printed with the wrong address.


You know nobody’s going to turn up.

Worse, maybe they will! >

You know nobody’s going to look at your blog. You know there’s not enough material. Or too much. You know you’re committing to something you may not be able to deliver on, week after week.

But you do it anyway. Why? Because you’re a bloody-minded, ego-maniacal, cynical optimist.

Or I am anyway. I don’t know about you. You’re a figment of my imagination.

Ah. There’s the rub. Putting myself out for – for whom? – someone – anyone – to respond to. “Putting myself out” … Like a fire? Like an inconvenience? Like the garbage?

Yes, one announces one’s blog as one announces an inconvenient garbage fire. So. What do you think? I’m officially on-line. I’m trapped now. Burn, baby, burn.


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Thanks for the lack of self-extinguishment, “Mr John”.
The thing about advertising to everyone you know is that we’re tending towards bias in your favour – at least for those who stay long enough to read your headclouds. Hi Margaret!

Comment by Bernard

On announcing one’s blog — (a string of order)words to garland the moments of being that compete with the urgency of doing. The / between the i and you. Promising a Guy Falkes Night of the soul. I commend your efforts and send you a smile.

Comment by linda adair

Ta for comments and smiles and greetings, youse two. I guess my surprise is at the tangle of emotions you get from every blog entry. Since I don’t have an agenda, yet, and so far everyone I’ve told about the thing is a mate, this is so much at the “suck it and see” stage. Also, I can see how blogging could take over one’s life n’est-ce pas?

And there’s the obligation not to just turn into an Eeyore! (I’ve been summat FRAGEEL of late.)


Comment by John O'Brien

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