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Work is fun ignored!
20 August, 2008, 1:56 pm
Filed under: Nobody Loves A Thinker

So the family trooped off out of the house for an hour, leaving me to type or whatever it is I do when no one is looking (play computer games probably). They trundled into the forest to see how the path we’ve been making for the last six years or so was going. And they came back all excited, they’d gone the back way to the “sweet spot” with the sandpaper figs and the part-time creek, through the extra bit of lantana clearing we’d accomplished last time, seems like months ago. They’d counted steps on their pedometers – like most kids the lads have been given pedometers as part of Australia’s Olympic celebrations – and pruned some bushes, and the dog had run off and been re-found, and got their heart-rates up. It was the kind of everyday adventure that we don’t have often enough. 

And I was stuck here, wondering. Thinking about – the adventure you didn’t go on – the missed opportunity – the concert ticket you didn’t pick up that everyone decided was the greatest gig ever – the girl you didn’t kiss – the road not travelled – the once-in-a-lifetime chance to bungee jump. Am I a fool or is life so packed with adventures you can’t make it to every bloody one? Well, both, probably, really. But if I look outside, right now, at the glimpse of garden framed by the curtain in the office, one of our few surviving rosemaries, the red-hot pokers out of season, the geraniums that remind us of Italian cemeteries, the struggling grape vine, the weeds growing up through the pavers, and beyond them at the valley, the gums, the blady grass, that perfect winter light, I have to admit that a glimpse is better than nothing, hanging the washing out is better than working at the computer, and hearing about an adventure is better than trying not to listen.

But I obviously have to make time for some more adventuring, more glimpsing and more fresh air. I know travel is fabulous, but it really is too easy to miss out on the tiny little adventures that you can do any hour of the day. My advice – walk outside now, do something to a plant, frame something with movie director’s fingers, breathe deep, spread the arms wide, walk with no purpose. It will put the timetable back five minutes – ha! I’m off to do it. Bye.



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I might do just that, hope alls well on the cloudy hills. Paul.

Comment by Paul

Paul, you’re a kind of adventuresome bloke anyway!


Comment by John O'Brien

There’s no adventure like the one you are having now. Great idea to get it all out on a blog. Now you will have to feed the monster… good luck…

Comment by Michee

I never cease to be amazed you can work so hard when there is no external boss and no sydney mortgage to cover … that is a kind of ‘get behind the mule in the mornin and plough’ stoicism I cannot but wonder at. I could never distance myself that way when I worked at home yet I can go to work each day and take delight in the distance that provides from planet domestica. Maybe it is just a girl thing.

Comment by linda adair

Linda I think it is a girl thing to an extent. But it’s also sheer desperation at the moment – when you’re desperate you become either an extreme yes-sayer to the universe or an extreme nay-sayer. For the last year or so I’ve said yes to everything in the hope that we can survive the next month, and the one after that. It’s an emotional churn-up but it’s got to be done. I can’t shout it much louder. Yes, universe, yes! Are you listening?!

People love hearing yes, don’t they?

Comment by John O'Brien

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